About Us

There are over 20 years of automotive industry experience behind us. We started in Eastern Europe at the beginning of the century, established in the Dubai market in 2017. Till now we have a lot of successful repairs for the most expensive and complicated cars in the world.​ We are part of ECPS Group, one of the largest suppliers of exotic spare parts in the world and a famous manufacturer of the highest quality carbon fiber parts.

The Belgravia Auto Services is our newest Dubai project, most mechanical oriented till now. Belgravia is a strictly mechanical workshop,  focused on the serious engine,  transmission, and all-around car electronics issues. Any engine, and any transmission. No matter who made them. We are here to solve the problem.


This is not only a job, it's an automotive passion as well. Supported by undoubted skills, long term experience, sleepless nights, real knowledge, and long term, real automotive connections in Europe. Sure, you're right calling us freaks, because there are not many similar us people all around who are taking so extreme care about how the stuff works. Driven by passion and

a passion for quality.

Any issue with premium or exotic car? Engine? Gearbox? Discotheque on the dashboard? Do other workshops want to replace half of your precious toy? Call and ask. Even you'll not decide to stay with us, for sure we guide you on how to solve it.

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