Our competetive services:

Complete vehicle maintenance.


Minor and major services.

Oil and filters, spark plugs and brake pads. Annual services. 

Suspension and steering. Brake pads and discs. Clutch services. Fluids replacement.

Electronic systems services.


Flat battery recovery, battery replacement, electronic systems diagnostics, understanding,, programming and recovery. 

Available on-site and at

the customer's garage.

Professional troubleshooting.


Troubleshooting based on skills, knowledge, and experience. Finding causes and not just removing the results of issues. Repairing, not replacing only.

Verification,  and consulting 


Before and after purchase complete car checkup for both sides, sellers and buyers, complete with the competitive quotation. Workshops and agencies quotation verifications.

Engine & gearbox

overhauls & repairs.


 Complete engine overhauls. 

Timing system replacement.

Deep mechanical jobs. Gearbox repairs: dual-clutch PDK, DSG, DCT, F1 and manual transmissions. 

Spare parts and lubricants.


Genuine and aftermarket spare parts for premium, luxury, and exotic cars directly from manufacturers. New and second hand parts from all around the world. Direct, exclusive sell channels.

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Our advice: if someone said "it has to be replaced", try us. Confirm, verify, be sure. In most cases there is an alternative solution, without compromising the quality and safety.