Tubi Style exhaust systems

Hear the Tubi sound, hear out passion.

Tubi Style was founded and flourished in Italy’s legendary motor valley, where every sound is reminiscent of the growl or whine of an engine. In this unique corner of the world, every bend, every road and every person has a story to tell, a story redolent of engines, iconic marques and the great legendary characters of the auto world. 


Tubi Style components (manifolds, mufflers, catalytic converters, tailpipes and all other tubing) are made exclusively in Italy in Maranello factory.

Every Tubi Style product is the culmination of 30 years of triumphs in the world of racing. More sound, more power, more emotion.  

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The Tubi Style muffler is offered available for super cars of all kinds. 

After an initial analysis using CFD software, Tubi Style can develop two or three different customized prototypes  which are then optimized in-car to deliver the desired TUBI SOUND. Choose your Tubi Style muffler from the following options:

  • With or without by-pass valves, to reduce sound at specific rpms;

  • “Loud version”, the conformation of the inside of the muffler box is modified to boost noise levels;

  • “Tube-only”, a system that creates a direct link to the engine, eliminating the muffler box.


All Tubi Style mufflers are available in polished stainless steel and can also be ordered in Inconel which is resistant to high temperatures. This means the pipes themselves can be thinner, cutting their weight. A high-tech brushed, extremely light titanium version is also available.

The Tubi Style end-tips are fully customizable, including in terms of their look. Clients can select the shape, treatments and materials to suit their own personal style.

  • Shapes : historically these span round, oblique design, a racing version with rolled lip or integrated micro-castings evocative of the racing world;

  • Treatments : aside from the classic hand-polished finish, there is also a choice of brushed, ball polished, black chrome or ceramic treatments in different colors using new-generation technologies;

  • Materials : Not just first qulity stainless steel steel but also a choice of brushed titanium, Inconel and carbon to absolutely minimize overall weight.


The Tubi Style tips can be welded to the muffler or stand-alone elements that can be purchased separately, depending on the car’s original configuration.

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The Tubi Style catalytic converter is a custom component. Two types are available to help cut emissions without impinging on engine sound.

Tubi Style 100-cell or 200-cell race catalytic converters: 

Designed to meet the specific demands of the track racing world, these are guaranteed to cut pollutant emissions with a smaller number of cells than standard factory systems. This not only reduces weight but also exhaust back pressure which boosts power – plus it delivers a superb exhaust soundtrack.


Tubi Style race test pipes:

These are tubes that permit the complete removal of the catalytic converter which optimizes weight and exhaust back pressure as well as boosting sound.

As we are aware that full removal of this cat can create sound quality and factory ECU mapping issues,  Tubi Style can also, where necessary, integrate a muffler into the tips to guarantee the best possible result in terms of both sound and performance.


Tubi Style programmable Valvetronic Exhaust Control Unit to allow you tailor the sound of the exhaust.

The Tubi Style Valvetronic Exhaust Control Unit works its magic on standard by-pass valves so you can either crank the soundtrack of your Italian supercar to the max or damp it down to suit your own requirements.

Discover the Tubi Style Valvetronic Control Unit mode of operation via remote control:

Mode 1: 

Standard factory line functioning.

Mode 2:

Always open. The by pass valve stays open, guaranteeing maximum sound output.

Mode 3: 

Sports Driving. The Tubi Style Valvetronic Control Unit keeps the valve open when the driver steps on the gas pedal or brakes sharply. After 10 seconds of normal driving, however, the by pass valve returns to opening and closing as per Standard mode.

Mode 4: 

Foot Off. The Valvetronic Control Unit opens the by pass valve every time you take your foot off the gas pedal, regardless of rpms. This means you get to enjoy the unique sound and exhaust features of your car’s engine.

ExCU application list file to download HERE.

The unmistakable Tubi Style sound.

No one leads the market like Tubi, no one can read a car like Tubi:  Tubi always knows where to get the right product for every owner and every type of technical requirement.

Tubi guarantee the only finest quality, high performance products, designed and made drawing on exceptional expertise and technical skillset. Tubi offers new emotions thanks to Italian passion for the SOUND of supercars, sports cars and classic cars of all kinds.


30 years’ experience in the business has given Tubi an unparalleled insight into the world of super sports cars. 

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